Monday, April 13, 2009


Another Easter weekend has come and gone. We had some wonderful weather for the weekend. We were a little worried about it after the strong storms that swept through on Friday (and the horrible tornadoes in Murfreesboro), but Saturday and Sunday were beautiful!

And it was a big weekend for us. Darlene got baptized! She's been going to RCIA classes (along with about 10 other "baptism" people and 30 or so "confirmation" people) for 6 months now - and it all reached the climax Saturday night at the conclusion of the Easter Vigil. The ceremony was really beautiful - and we were fortunate to have a couple of family members and a few friends that were able to join us!

That means that we spent Easter weekend in Knoxville for the first time in many years. We usually travel back to Evansville to visit with friends and family there. While it was great spending Easter at home, we really missed seeing all of the nieces and nephews getting all prettied up and hunting for Easter eggs!

The good news is, Andrea sent us some pictures of her kids as well as some pictures of baby Kylie! We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!!!!!

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