Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One more thing...

A couple of days ago, we were giving out some praise to Southern Kitchen and Exact Tile for their help with our kitchen project. There was one additional company - Superior Surfaces - that we forgot to mention!

Superior Surfaces is the company we ordered the counter top from. They were amazingly easy to deal with, and the installers were absolutely meticulous perfectionists. Just as an example, our counter top, which would in no way could be construed as "large" took about 6 hours to install - all because of the attention to detail - not because of the lack of effort! And (perhaps most importantly), they show up EXACTLY when they say they will!

So - if you are looking for a new counter top (of any material!) - and happen to be in the east Tennessee area, give Mike at Superior Surfaces a call. He'll be glad to help!

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