Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter has come and gone.  Well – unless your Catholic in which case you are in the second week of Easter.  Or I’m sure that other religions might do something similar.  But I’m certainly not a Theologian…

But we certainly celebrated Easter at our house!  We started by getting all dressed up for church.  Mike even wore a vest and tie – which is somewhat a big deal.  He isn’t much on buttoning that top button on his shirt!  But he decided to let “mommy and daddy” play their little dress-up game.  And the result?  A very handsome young toddler!

Mike and dad!

Mike and ‘the Dad’ are ready for church.



Hey ladies!  Mike is here!

“Stand back ladies – there’s enough to go around!”


While we were at church, the Easter Bunny mysteriously broke into our house and left an Easter basket.  This wasn’t your traditional Easter basket.  No chocolate bunnies.  No peeps.  No jellybeans.  Nope – nothing like that at all.  It was almost like the Easter Bunny knew that Mike doesn’t like sweets!  Instead, there was a variety of Nutri-grain bars and Pepperidge Farms Goldfish (two of Mike’s all time favorites…) along with some great new outfits for the summer!  He loved digging through the basket!

The basket...

The Easter basket!



For me?

“All of this is for me?”



Nutri-grain bars!

“Wow!  Nutri-grain bars!  I love Nutri-grain bars!”

(and yes – Mike’s shirt says “Girls Dig Me”!




“And Goldfish!  I love Goldfish!”

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