Monday, May 16, 2011

Another trip to the Orthopedic Surgeon…

It’s that time of year!  Spring has sprung.  Trees have leaves.  Grass needs to be mowed.  Allergies are in full swing.

All of that can only mean one thing.  Mike is 18 months old!

And THAT means that it’s time to make a trip to see our favorite Orthopedic Surgeon for a club foot prognosis and update!

I won’t hem haw around.  Or beat around the bush.  Or unduly draw out the conversation.  Or add any extra words.  Or be redundant.  I’ll just come right out and say it.  Spill the beans.  Give you the full scoop.  The truth – the whole truth.  For better or worse.  Through thick and thin.  Straight from the horses mouth.

We had our usual anxiety with this appointment.  But we were relieved that Mike has done so well walking!  And because of that – we were cautiously optimistic. 

Of course, Dr. Crawford noticed right off the bat that Mike was walking (even a non-trained observer can see that!).  He asked how long (4 weeks) and he was stunned!  He said that Mike had the balance and ability of a toddler that had been walking four months rather than four weeks.  And our cautious optimism stepped up a notch.

Off with the shoes.  Off with the socks.  Poke.  Prod.  Twist.  Turn.  Stretch.  Squeeze.  Rub.  Pull.

And it was time for the prognosis.

Dr. Crawford:  I can tell you’ve been very religious with the brace!

Us:  Yes we have.  Every day.

Dr. Crawford:  It shows.  Mike’s feet have better flexibility than a child without clubbed feet.

Us:  Wow!  That’s great!

Dr. Crawford:  His feet are so good and flexible and the muscle (the one that helps keep the feet from turning back) has good strength.  I think we are ready to try it without the brace!

Us:  Really?

Dr. Crawford:  Yep.  He is walking so well that the time he spends on his feet will be a substitute for the time in the brace.

Us:  Cool!

Dr. Crawford:  Unless there is a problem – I won’t need to see him again until is 4.

Us:  Four YEARS????

Dr. Crawford:  Yep

Us:  Wow!  But if we aren’t comfortable or if it looks like something isn’t right – we can come before then – right?  I mean – you’ll take our money – right?

Dr. Crawford:  Ummm – sure!  We are always happy to take your money!  And certainly come back if you see his feet start to turn in.  But of the hundreds of clubbed foot babies I’ve treated – his feet look the best and he has responded best to the treatment.  I’m quite certain that you won’t have any problems whatsoever.

Us:  Wow.  That’s great!

And so it is.  Mike spent the first weekend ever sleeping without his brace.  How did he do?  He flopped all over the bed!  And we were happy for it…

Is it over?  Not yet.  We still keep a close eye on his feet – more now than ever.  And will continue to do so.  Looking for the slightest relapse.  But our hopes are high that we have hiked up this clubbed foot mountain and are most of the way down on the other side.  He’s been in either casts or foot braces since he was 16 days old.  What a better way to celebrate 18 months than to sleep without shoes or socks and flop around on the bed!

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Jo-Ann said...

What a wonderful appointment! And a great first night out of the bar! Matthew's first night out was not an easy one! LOL

May thing continue to look up for Mike and your family!