Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The (not so) secret big news!

Not that it was every really a secret – but we had some big news happen recently.  Many of you already know the news – but there are plenty of folks that we don’t get to talk to on a regular basis and I’m sure that you don’t yet know.

“The Dad” has a new job!  This time it’s a permanent position (no more contract work – yea!) and it’s with a nice, stable company (have you ever heard of Verizon Wireless?).  And the job is in “The Dad’s” hometown – Evansville Indiana!

In some ways – it’s really exciting.  Mike will be closer to family.  He’ll be able to visit a LOT more with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  And we still have friends in the area.  So it’s certainly not like starting over in a brand new city.

In some ways – it’s a bummer.  Lot’s of friends in Knoxville, “The Mom’s” job is in Knoxville.  Our house is in Knoxville.  But we stay focused on the positives!

But the absolute best part?  We’ll be together – living in the same house – in the same city – as a family!  This road as proven to be a long hard detour – and there are still a lot of things to get done before everything is worked out.  But we are hoping that soon the wind will soon be at our back and the sailing will finally be smooth…

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