Monday, February 7, 2011

Fare well Queen City – we have left the building…

It was a wonderful ride.  Filled with a bunch of fabulous folks who helped us out (and in the famous words of Julius:  by “us” – I mean “me”).  And while I may not have ever found WKRP or Johnny Fever, I did find a great job with a great group of people – even if it was only for a temporary “contract”.

And while I’m not much on your weather – especially the winter weather – I did enjoy following your beloved Reds and beleaguered Bengals.  You provided safe harbor for a stranger and shelter from the storm.  You took me in and treated me as if I was one of your own.

But not everything is permanent – especially in these current times.  I hope that everything continues to go well for you all!  And I’m sure we will be back for a visit (to stock up at Jungle Jim’s if for no other reason!)

In the meantime, we’ve already loaded up the U-Haul and vacated the “Cincinnati Vacation Home”.  And that was quite an ordeal!  It sure would have been easier to carry all of that stuff out if there wasn’t all of that snow in the way (did I mention the winter weather yet?).  But it’s done – and our possessions are now consolidated into two locations (even if they are in two different states!).

And the weekend was not all “packing and loading”.  There was some fun involved too!  There always is when Mike is around!

One of the best times was after running the vacuum in the bedroom.  Mike crawled over to the vacuum and started pushing it around the room making a “WRRRRRR” sound.  I can’t wait to get a toy lawn mower so he can follow me around the yard!  Heck – I might even skip the toy lawn mower and just let him push the real thing around!  After all – he didn’t need a “toy vacuum” to push around…

And while he was there, “the dad” was giving him tips on cell phone testing.  He spent several hours comparing the Blackberry with the DroidX – including the “infant toss test”.  In the end – I think he preferred the Blackberry – but only because it had more buttons!  He wasn’t too impressed with the Droid’s touchscreen…



“This blackberry has a BUNCH of buttons I can press!  The droid only has eight tiny ones – what fun is that?”

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