Thursday, January 6, 2011

It’s been a while!

Howdy folks!  It’s certainly been a while since you’ve heard from us!  We’ll try and get you all caught up.  There has been so much that has happened since the last post that it will certainly take a few posts to get all caught up.  But have no fear – we will get you all up to date!

Remember that last post?  If not, it was about Thanksgiving.  A whopping six weeks ago!  And it’s here that we will begin our journey from the past to the present.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, Mike had his one year checkup.  There were the usual questions, poking, prodding – and the shots.  For this visit, Mike’s “awareness” of the shots changed.  He now recognizes what is going to happen as soon as the nurse walks in the room with the needle.  And he will let you know that he’s not happy about it!  The interesting part is that he was crying before the shot – but once it was over he looked around with an expression like “that was no big deal” and the crying immediately stopped!  That’s much better than him wailing for 5 minutes after the shot is over!

His checkup was fine.  He’s in the 45th percentile for both his weight and head circumference and a little lower percentile on the height scale.  The doctor paid extra attention to his ears since he’s had a history of ear infections.  Again – it was great news!  All clear on the ears!  No signs of any residual infection or fluid build up.  Yippee!  So all the news was good and all was right with the world and we packed up our bags and headed home.

Then came the weekend…

A few short days later (the following Friday night), Mike woke up several times crying.  Uh oh.  We have learned that this is one of his “ear infection signs”.  So Saturday morning, we load up and head back to the doctor’s office.  A quick look in to his left ear and we got a “yep – this one’s got it”.  The other ear was clear, but that gave us little comfort.  Just more proof that it only takes a few days of just slight congestion before the fluid builds up in the inner ear and gets infected.  We are still hoping that he won’t need tubes.  And at least the ear infections are getter fewer and farther between.

And remember that every cloud has a silver lining!  And this one does too.  Our pediatrician (and I’m sure that most other’s are this way too) has kids books in the exam room so that you can keep your little tike somewhat entertained while you are waiting.  On this particular “ear infection” trip – Mike had only a passing interest in the kids books.  Only the Sesame Street book (Elmo is his favorite) held his attention – and that was only for a few seconds.  But what happens when you give him one of the info packets in the room that is meant for the parents to read?  Why he will sit on the exam table like a good little boy and read it himself!  Interestingly enough – he paid the most attention to the diagram of the ear…

Mike at doctor

“I like this ‘grown-up’ reading material.  It’s much more interesting…”

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