Thursday, January 20, 2011

I know…

I know I know I know.  Excuses excuses.  We said  that we would keep you updated and we have failed miserably!

And there were so many things that we wanted to share with you, but most of them seem so long ago.  And I know that we should have already had a Christmas post with lots of pictures – but I can’t do that either.  A small technicality.  The camera (with the pictures on it) is some 300 miles from the computer.  Hopefully, they’ll be reunited this weekend and we’ll have something posted next week!

In the meantime, I’ll share a story about a Christmas party.  This happened a couple of weeks before Christmas.  We had it all planned out.  “The Nan” was going to come down and watch Mike while “the Mom” and “the Dad” went out to the party.  An adult night out!  And not just any Christmas party either.  This was our church’s Christmas party.

Now many of you might be wondering – “church Christmas party?” and immediately be filled with thoughts of fried chicken and green bean casserole in the church basement while Christmas carols play on an vintage 1945 radio in the corner.  However, while our church does indeed have some events like this – the annual Christmas party is not one of them.

And many of you might still be questing.  But you need to remember – the pastor of our church is an Irish priest who loves to dance.  So instead of thinking of it as a church Christmas party – think of it as a party that your old Irish buddy planned for 600 of his closest friends.

There was much eating and drinking and merriment.  And dancing (of course) until the wee hours of the morning.  Every year we watch in amazement as Father Michael dances with everyone he can coax out on the dance floor.  He’ll whirl and twirl the girls until they are panting.  Then he’ll let them sit back down and rest while he finds another partner.  He truly is an amazing little fellow – and his dancing ability is just on of the smaller reasons why we like him so much…

So – until next year!  Perhaps we should start looking for a baby sitter now…

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