Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another ear infection? Are you kidding me????

Yes – this past weekend, those exact words came spilling over my lips.  Mike does indeed have another ear infection.  This time in the right ear.

We made this glorious discovery a mere 6 days after he finished his antibiotic and a paltry 3 days after the pediatrician gave us the “all clear” from the last ear infection.  This makes his fourth ear infection since August 30th.

As we have come to expect – there were no outward signs of an ear infection.  No tugging on the ear, no decrease in appetite.  This time – he didn’t even have a fever.  Instead, he was playing happily on the floor with his new ball (which he quickly mastered rolling back and forth to mommy and daddy).  Suddenly he began crying and couldn’t be consoled.  After a few hours of crying (which is WAY out of the ordinary for Mike), we called the doctor and took him in.  One peak in his ear brought out the “wow – that ear drum is red a bulging”.  Tubes might be in Mike’s future – although the doctor is not keen on them just yet.  Apparently because of Mike’s age, the tubes don’t stay in very long (which would mean a series of tubes over time).  But if the infections keep coming then we might be left with no other alternative. 

The good news?  The next morning after the antibiotic shot and Mike was back to his normal happy playful self!  And if you ever wanted a strange prayer request – we REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want Mike’s Eustachian tubes to start a growth spurt!

Even more good news?  Mike has been practicing his standing!  That’s great news for his clubbed feet.  While we have never been the type of parents to “speed his development along” – this is one thing we really want to see happen.  Once he starts putting weight on this little feet and walking around – we should (hopefully) be able to get rid of the brace!

 Mike trying to pull upI try to pull myself up – but I’m not quite strong enough yet…  


Furniture surfing

…but with a little help, I can stand up like a pro!

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Tracey lackey said...

Poor lil guy!!!

yeah on the standing!!!It's just a matter of time before he is running around chasing the dogs!!!!lol