Monday, October 4, 2010

Another big weekend…

Last weekend was quite an adventure!  It all started when Mike and his mom were trying to meet dad in Evansville.  We had planned the trip on the spur of the moment – Mike’s dad had decided to ride in a bike ride.  And that makes a perfect excuse for visiting family and friends!

So with happy hearts, Mike and his mom loaded up and headed out.  About 2 hours later, the joy came to an end when the interstate was closed to to an accident.  What is normally a 5 hour drive is already extended to a 6 hour drive with Mike.  And being stuck in traffic on I-40 turned the drive into a wonderful 9 hour epic saga.  Needless to say – once they arrived, everyone (including the 2 dogs) were much relieved!

But we all made up for it on Saturday.  Much lounging around and a lot of doing nothing.  Mike got to play all day with his nan.  And he really enjoyed the attention that he gets when cousin Lucas and cousin Kiersten come over to play!!!  And later that evening, he got to try some Turoni’s pizza (he spit it out – just like all of the other solid foods except the previously mentioned cheese grits).  But he still enjoyed seeing Sara and Nathan (and mom and dad enjoyed visiting with Matt, Karen, and Mark).

Sunday was the big bike ride – Mike’s dad rode 50 kilometers.  Not too bad for an old guy!  Not as far as previous years, but considering it was only 50 degrees when the ride started and the wind was blowing like crazy – he was more than ready to stop and get in the car and turn the heat on “high” when he was done!  Next year, he’ll be back in shape and will ride the 100K with Mark (especially since the gauntlet has already been thrown down!).  The coolest part about the whole thing was having his picture in the paper!  You can check it out by clicking here.

After the ride, we got to go visit grandpa!  And much to our surprise, Aunt Tracey and cousin Kylie were there!  We played and visited and visited and played.  The best part of the visit was seeing Kylie in her Halloween costume – she was so cute!!!

But like all good things – our visit had to come to an end.  We loaded up the vehicles, and said our goodbyes.  The best part of the trip home?  It only took the usual 6 hours!!!

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