Monday, August 23, 2010

Sad news once again…

Sometimes it seems that in the game of life, you can never get over the hump.  Just when things start looking up a little bit – here comes another hit out of nowhere and knocks you back down the hill again.

And so it is again.  The seemingly harmless phone call to let us know that Mike’s “pappy” had suddenly passed away.

The shock is always a little deeper when it is this unexpected.  He hadn’t been sick.  There weren’t any health concerns.  He had even been working out in the backyard just minutes before.

But we have faith that there is a “great plan” and that he has been called home to do bigger and better things than he could accomplish here with us.  And while pushing our grief aside might feel like moving mountains, we know that mountains have been moved before.  And rather than focusing on the pain, we focus on his life and living the way he would have wanted us to. 

Love your family like nothing else – your spouse as your constant companion, your children as if they were your world, your grandchildren as if they hung the moon, and your brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, and everyone else as if there is nothing you wouldn’t do for them.

Love your friends and neighbors as if they were family.  Use your skills and knowledge to promote the greater good.  Realize that helping your fellow man is just like helping yourself.  And when you need a favor in return – people will be knocking down your door to offer help.

Love your country as if it were the best place on Earth – because it is.  Remember that your lifestyle came at a great cost and that there are many people still fighting today to insure that we keep a hold on those freedoms.  A soldier’s sacrifice has given me the ability to sit here tonight and say whatever I want, however I want.  There are many countries that are envious of that – and many other things.  If a soldier ever asks for a hand – lend them one and never ask for anything in return.  They’ve already repaid you.

Every Sunday, there is a particular point during each mass when the priest asks us to “remember those who have died”.  We will remember you, Pap.  We will teach Mike as best we can.  And we’ll make sure he knows that he hung the moon…



Mike and Pappy telling tall tales…


BJ said...

Bryon, how very very true! Amen to this blog.bjl3611

Anonymous said...

Pappy would be so proud.
Love you all,

terri said...

Bryon and Darlene, i am so sorry to hear about Bryon's dad.