Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mike’s baptism!

This past weekend was a wonderful weekend!  Full of family and friends (both in person and in spirit!).  All converging on Knoxville to join us in a beautiful celebration…

Mike’s baptism!!!!

It was such a special day.  All of the joy and excitement of watching your son celebrate his first (and most important!) sacrament.  With all of the love and joy and happiness that he has brought in to our lives, it was a true blessing to be a part of this.

So let me welcome you Michael Robert into the Christian community.  The water has cleansed you and given you new life.  You have been marked as one of God’s children by the sign of the cross.  You have been rubbed with oil to strengthen yourself, and chrism has sealed you with the gift of the Holy Spirit.  We have given you a candle, lit from the Paschal candle, so that you may use the light of Christ to find your way through the world.  And we have given you an army of people to support you along the way – your parents, godparents, all of your family, friends, and the full love and protection of the Church and Christian community.

And of course there are pictures!  Below are a few – but you can also click here and see the a ton more!  


Mike and Mike

Mike and Mike” – Mike visits with Father Michael.

 I'm Ready! Mike says, “Skip the formalities – I’m ready for the water”!

 The Baptism

The Baptism…

Mike with parents, godparents, and Father Michael

 Mike, parents, godparents, and Father Michael.


The Quad Squad

The Quad Squad (and the world famous Quad Mom).  And thanks to the Quad Dad for being our designated photographer!

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Jo-Ann said...

I think baptism's are such beautiful celebrations. I will never forget our boy's baptism's.

Welcome Michael!