Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sentimental? Yeah, probably… (or – Mike is 7 months old today!)

We talk a lot lately about how lucky we are with Mike. Sure, he (and we) had a rough start. Casts, surgeries, braces, and doctors galore. We think of those as the “dark days” when all Mike did was cry (and I’m sure I would too if I had to go through half of what he did).

But all of that seems like oh so long ago, almost like it was in a dream (or in another life). His feet were corrected which meant no more casts. His tenotomy was a success which meant no more pain while wearing the brace. Shortly after, he started sleeping through the night – and everybody felt better!

So our conversations now are less about clubbed feet (except when we talk about ways of sharing our “lessons learned” with other club feet parents) and more about how great Mike is. He started sleeping through the night months before other babies his age. We can count on two hands the number of times se has “spit up” in the last 7 months He will be independent and play by himself when you need him to. Or he will snuggle up next to you with his little hand on your cheek. He laughs all the time and will great anyone with a big toothless smile. He’s a big flirt, both with other babies and older women (just ask the babies at daycare or the ladies at church!). He eats his food and rarely makes a mess – most times you could do without the bib (although we always use it just in case).

And really – there is nothing better than walking in to a room, watching Mike turn his head, recognize who it is, and give you that “I’m so glad to see you” smile!

So – happy 7 month’s, Mike! Here’s hoping you don’t wrap us up to tightly around your finger! You’re right… It’s too late…

And now for some gratuitous "proud parents of a smiling baby" pictures!

Smiling in the tub

Smiling in the tub.

Smiling with mommy

Smiling with mommy!

Smiling at YOU!

Smiling at YOU!

I can stick out my tongue

I learned how to stick out my tongue…

...and I can smile while I do it!

…and I can smile while I do it!

smiling in the car seat

Smiling in the car seat.

Smiling and driving

Smilin’ and drivin’

Smiling in the recliner

Smiling on daddy’s recliner.

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