Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The new car…

There it stood.  White stripes racing down its sleek hood.  Its chrome bumper shining brightly.  With no top and the bright red paint – it just scream “FAST!”. 

Yes indeed – we are talking about the newest car in our household!

It’s not replacing any of the vehicles we already have.  Nope – this one is in addition to what we already own.  Storage (when it’s not out being enjoyed!) should be easy since it’s small enough to fit into the spare bedroom.  This particular vehicle isn’t for mom or dad…

…it’s for Mike!

Mike's new car!

Mike’s new car!

Mike has already taken this beauty around for a spin.  He needs some help to get it moving (since it comes with a genuine “Fred Flintstone” motor).  He also needs a little assistance to get the pneumatic suspension to bounce.  But he thoroughly enjoys the “melody horn” which plays 4 different tunes (no – none of them are the “Dukes of Hazard”…). 

And I almost forgot to mention the best feature of all.  The removable hood!  Which reveals the tray underneath – perfect for banging toys!

Bangin' the rattle! 

This rattle is a lot louder when I bang it on the tray!

Mike has really enjoyed his time in his convertible (thanks Elaine!).  It won’t be much longer until his feet are firmly planted and he is zipping around the house (and running over dogs and banging into walls).  Since it’s such a cool ride – maybe we should get him some sunglasses to wear while he’s cruising…

Hey ladies!

“Don’t worry ladies – there’s enough Mikey for everybody!”

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Jo-Ann said...

I have never seen that before! Fantastic!