Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

As hard as it is to believe, it is already November!  In three short weeks, we will be celebrating Mike’s 1st birthday.  And that seems absolutely unreal!

But before Mike’s first birthday comes Mike’s first Halloween!  Since Halloween was on a Sunday this year, we started the day out with our usual Sunday morning trip to church.  Mike was his usual angelic self (and spent a large amount of time flirting with the ladies in the pew behind us).  Afterwards, we went to lunch with our neighbors Todd and Maureen.  Maureen was convinced that we should try something for Mike from the kids menu.  She is well aware of our difficulty in getting Mike to try solid food, but she insisted. 

We decided on the macaroni and cheese.  We ordered our food with a “just you wait and see – he’ll spit it all on the floor!” attitude.  After all, we tried the same thing from the same restaurant just 3 weeks earlier.  We would have tried something else, but “chicken fingers” just didn’t sound like it would cut it!

The food came.  We got out the “travel spoon” for the mac-n-cheese.  We put on the bib and made sure it was strategically positioned so that when Mike spit out the mac-n-cheese, it would be deflected to the floor rather than in his lap.  We dipped the spoon in to the huge (and soon to be wasted) mac-n-cheese – help the spoon up the Mike’s mouth – and…

He ate it!

He actually ate it!  And the next spoonful and the next spoonful.  Before long, he was using his baby sign language (which he has recently starting using fairly regularly) to say “more please more”!  Unbelievable!  And he ate and ate and ate.  We have never seen him put away so much food.  We were absolutely shocked and stunned.

Of course, Maureen thought we were a bunch of leg pulling liars…

Mike eats mac-n-cheese!

“Hey man!  This mac-n-cheese is great!  I could eat this whole bowl!”

Later that afternoon, we got Mike all dressed up in his Halloween costume and took him to his first Halloween party at the church.  He was absolutely adorable!  It was fun just watching his expressions.  He simply stared at everyone in amazement wondering why everyone was dressed so oddly.  Then we would look down at himself and realize that he too was dressed somewhat oddly.


“Look everybody!  I’m a puppy!

Once he realized that it seemed to be “normal” that everyone wasn’t dressed “normally” – we decided to be a little social.  We went around and took his picture with several of the folks…

Mike and the Scarecrow

Mike and the Scarecrow!


Mike and the pirate



Mike and the bumblebee



Mike, “the Dad”, and our neighborhood fireman!


“Don’t I make a cute puppy?”


After the fun, we went back home.  We stopped by a couple of the neighbors houses to show off our new puppy.  Everyone absolutely gushed about how cute he was!  And – let’s be honest.  There’s nothing that a proud parent likes to hear more!  We ended the day with a quick “family portrait”.  We tried to get Foxy in the action – but (as usual) she had her own agenda to attend to and didn’t have time for “those silly human activities – there are squirrels to chase from the yard!”


“Hi Izzy!  I’m a puppy!”



“Mike, “the Mom”, and “the Dad”


“Happy Halloween everybody!  Forget the candy – send mac-n-cheese!!!”

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