Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The 1st Mother’s day

Ahhh – Mother’s day.  The day when all of the mom’s in the world get to take center stage and garnish all of the praise accolades that everyone knows they deserve but seldom get recognized for.

And this year, it was a special Mother’s day at our house.  The first year of being a mom to a baby rather in addition to being a mom to the pooches (not that being a “dog mom” is any less demanding than being a baby mom!).

Mike decided to make his mom a waffle breakfast (with a little help from his dad) just to get the day started off right.  And it continued on with additional rest and relaxation.  It was such a nice day, that it was decided (at least in our home) to extend the day to “Mother’s Week”!

While “Mother’s Week 2010” has officially slipped in to the past, we hope that all of the moms had an absolutely wonderful day.  And know that we were thinking about you – each and every one!  We love you all, for all of the things you did for us as kids, or for all of the things you are doing for our nieces and nephews, and even the children of your friends – you’ve loved us, inspired us, comforted us, supported us, and so so so much more! 

So we hope that all of the moms had a wonderful day – and perhaps next year, you will join the “Mother’s Week” movement!

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Jo-Ann said...

The first Mother's Day is so special. Glad you enjoyed it!