Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter in Knoxville

Easter has become our favorite “holiday”.  There are so very many reasons for this – and now we can add some more reasons!

It’s hard having a new baby when all of your (and his!) family live so far away.  You want him to have a close relationship with all of his family – so it’s always extra special when we get to visit…

Friday night, Mike’s “Nan and Pap” arrived.  They were amazed at how much he had grown in just a few short weeks!  Of course, right away they set in to spoiling Mike – and he ate it all up!

Mike and Nan

Mike and his Nanna

Saturday, we all loaded up and went to the Easter Vigil.  For Catholic’s, the Easter Vigil is considered the “most important” mass of the year.  It is also one of the most beautiful masses and is thick with traditions that date back almost two thousand years.  It really is amazing – and perhaps one day I will try (as best I can) to describe it all…

During the Vigil – Mike got to spend time with our neighbor Maureen – who also happens to help out at the church nursery.  Mike and Maureen hand a wonderful time hanging out (as they usually do!).  By the time we got back home, Mike had a little surprise waiting for him.  Aunt Jennifer, Derrick, and cousins Lucas and Kiersten had decided to come and visit!  It was the first time they had seen Mike.  It’s ALWAYS fun meeting new relatives!  Not long ago, we found out that Kiersten wants to teach Mike how to jump rope and Lucas wants to teach Mike how to spell.  They didn’t have time this weekend – but I’m sure they will get their opportunity!

Mike and Lucas

“Hi Lucas!  I’m Mike!”

Sunday morning we all hung out and had fun.  Lucas and Kiersten finally got to play the Wii (always a hit with the kids – and the adults too!)  That afternoon, we had a nice little Easter ham.  Aunt Jennifer didn’t make us a pecan pie – but we will forgive her (this time…).

It's Wii time!Kiersten and Lucas battle on the Wii  





That afternoon, everyone had to return home.  We sure were glad that they were able to come and visit us!  We had such a wonderful time and can’t wait to do it again soon!

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