Friday, March 19, 2010

It was bound to happen…

He certainly can’t help it.  After all, Mike’s dad is a Hoosier who still thinks Bobby Knight is King of the round ball.  And Mike’s mom grew up in Kentucky watching Adolf Rupp and Joe B. Hall run the show in Lexington.  And we also have the fact that Mike’s mom and dad bought him a Tennessee season basketball ticket before he was born – and he actually attended several of the games this year.

Yep – it was bound to happen.  Mike is a basketball fan through and through.

How can we be so sure?  Because of the television of course!

The NCAA basketball tournament began yesterday and we’ve had the television tuned in periodically.  And when Mike is awake, regardless of whether he is in his swing, in his bouncy seat, on his play mat, in his bumbo seat, or even if he is in our arms being fed – if a game is on, he is bending over backwards to try and watch it.

And I understand that some of you might believe that he would watch anything that is on.  But believe us – he only watches basketball.  Break for commercial and he turns away from the TV until play resumes.  The evening news?  No interest at all.  Oprah at 4?  Not a chance.  It’s round ball or nothing for Mike!

So if you are firmly in the grip of “March Madness” – feel free to consult with Mike.  He’ll be more than willing to watch with you all day long!

Go Fols! Mike and his dad watching the Vols beat San Diego State

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